Thursday, April 3, 2008

Defining Media

What is media? Everything. The main lesson that I come away from this course with is the realization that media is anything that communicates a message. This concept contradicts my initial belief that media consists simply of mainstream radio, television and film. Messages are expressed through choice in tie pattern, lipstick shade and hair style. Thinking even more abstractly, when walking into a classroom a message is expressed in the way that the seats are arranged. In being made aware of such messages, I have grown to become a more active cultural participant. It is not the realization that these messages are being transmitted, but the meaning created by these messages that is most significant. I have grown to take notice of my surroundings and make connections to class concepts such as hegemony, cultural resistance and social change. I think that the term media is often misconstrued and in reality deserves a lot more credit than it is granted.

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I. Reilly said...

two things: i like that you've made reference to ties in your post (an obvious nod to many in-class gestures) but i also like how you've made reference to the configuration of chairs in the classroom. it's important to think about how these environments are always-already naturalized and how their design reveals something very tangible about the institution that commissioned the work. this could be part of your ongoing investigation of remediated spaces...

keep writing,