Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finding My Cause

Throughout the semester, I have been questioned, on more than one occasion, by “what is your cause?” And on more than one occasion, I have answered with a blank stare. To be honest, I am completely uncertain of my cause and that worries me. I expect an individual’s cause to answer the question I posed in my blog profile, what are we all doing here? An individual’s cause should bring a sense of meaning to one’s life. I am interested in many cultural aspects such as communication and ideology. It has been made more so as a result of taking this course, but I have not yet uncovered a passion. I expect that participating in my culture and responding to my community will help me find my cause or better yet allow my cause to find me.

My expectation was supported by a recent encounter with a friend. As I was watching CNN Politics with a group of friends, all of whom were males, we got into a heated discussion about who would be a more qualified President between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. As I defended Clinton, all others teamed up to support Obama. It was inevitable that the issue of gender came into play. During the debate, one of my girlfriends entered the room only to side with the boys. She suggested that since there has not yet been a female President, it was clear that no female had the skills to hold the position. I was shocked to find someone had such little faith in her own gender. Only if in the form of words, I was caused to react. I look to cause female empowerment on a wider scale.

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